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Nomination Terms And Conditions

​Conditions and Requirements

The current applicable terms and conditions, for approving nominations to the Sharjah Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation in the Administrative Sciences in the Arab Region, are as follows

  • The university granting the doctorate degree should be an accredited university.
  • The dissertation topic should be original and non-tackled previously to obtain any scientific degree.
  • The dissertation should be based on a sound scientific methodology and viably applicable as a field study.
  • ​The research community should be co-related to one of the Arab countries.
  • The dissertation findings should be convincing and have positive return on improving services and achieving public benefits.
  • The dissertation findings and recommendations should be of benefit when they are being applied in the Arab organizations.
  • Enlisting dissertation must have been approved not later than two years from submitting date to the award nomination.
  • The dissertation should be written in Arabic or in English, with a sufficient well- structured abstract in Arabic, according to the report framework of the award.