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Evaluation Criteria And Selection

First: Blind Review 50%

  •  Research Significance, Originality and Contribution.
  1. Research Significance
  2. Motivation
  3. Originality
  4. Contribution
  •  Methodology.
  1. Research Design
  2. The Model and the Variables or Qualitative Research Methods
  3. Research Limitations
  •  Literature Review Coverage and Hypothesis Development.
  1. Literature Review Coverage
  2. Hypotheses Development or Research Questions
  •  Research Findings.
  1. Results Analysis
  2. Comparing the Research Results with previous Studies
  •  Recommendations and Policy Implications
2.Policy Implications

Second: Interview 20%

Evaluation criteria

1.Understanding the thesis subject
2.Precise and accurate answers to the committee's questions
3.Quality of presentation
4.Focus and confidence
5.Ability to convince
6.Understanding research methodology


Third: Publications 30%

Evaluation criteria: Quality of the Journal
Q1 and Q2